Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dreaded RSV

They told us to keep the twins away from the public to avoid sickness but they got sick anyway. Most of us have had colds, so I guess RSV was unavoidable. We are at Children's Mercy in downtown KC. It's a wonderful hospital if you have to be in one. Joel and Leah are actually doing okay. Being here just keeps their condition from getting worse. There is nothing they can do to speed the healing process since this is a virus. No antibiotics, no magic medicine... just time. They are both on a little oxygen to help their breathing and they are sleeping peacefully. I am looking forward to SPRING!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Tribute to My Valentine

At the risk of being overly sentimental and extremely mushy I must give honor to my husband today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that he is my life partner. He is truly the most amazing man I have ever known. He has always loved me beyond what I deserve, but through this pregnancy (which began with a shock, horrible morning sickness, a move, another shock -
!twins!- and ended with an enormous whale of a wife who could hardly move) he has completely out done himself. He truly lays down his life for me daily. Not only did he have to go to work everyday, but he would come home to huge messes, laundry, and usually no dinner. He took over without complaint and made sure I was okay!

Over the past three weeks since the birth of the twins, he has been my encourager and emotional strength. He has taken care of my physical well-being by making sure I eat and drink. He holds our family together with his humor and wisdom. While it would be impossible to list everything I love and admire about Todd, I can say his character and integrity are beyond measure, both in our home and outside these walls. He is a man of strength, courage, and most of all faith.

I can say all of these wonderful things about him, but I know he would give credit elsewhere. He would say it's because of Jesus he can be this way, because of a God who first loved him that he can love us all so much. I know he is right. What a blessing that we have come to know personally this Sovereign, Holy, God of the Universe who made all things and is through all things, who sent His Son Jesus to die for us that we might live through Him. The love Todd lavishes on me pours out from the love Todd receives from our Savior. Todd has surrendered himself to Jesus, spends time praying, studying, and seeking His will. I am so grateful to receive the love of Jesus through my husband which has healed me, shaped me, humbled me, and blessed me.

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet Husband. My heart is forever yours!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Micah's Blog

This is Micah. The babies are doing fine. My mom and dad are up most of the night taking care of them (big surprise).

Let's read stories.

When all seemed lost suddenly Johnny Mc. John John Jr. (most people just call him Chris) springs out from behind a bush and runs towards the apple. He tackles the fruit and gets knocked out. Then Pizzaface the superhero decides that he will sing to stop the apple "I love you you love me," He sings.
"Roooaaaaaaaaaaar," the apple roars and rolls towards Pizzaface.....

Keep reading.

-Micah out

Friday, February 6, 2009

Micah's Blog

I'm going to tell stories now. Okay? Alright? Let's get ready to rumble.

Once on a happy day in Happy town. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" said a scared civilian. What has happened? A bank robbing? A jailbreak? A man with a golden idol running from a boulder? No, it's much worse. It's bad, very bad, no it's horrible. It's- it's- an apple?!? The apple is starting to take ice cream and throwing it in kids faces, beating parents up, but worst he's doing all these things and leaving without saying goodbye! Oh the horror! What will the people do? When all seemed lost suddenly.....

Stay on to find out more.

-Micah out

First week photos

The First Week

Adjusting to life at home has been challenging, joyful, anxious, fun, difficult, and worth every minute.

We are starting to learn a new way of life.

We are learning...
  • Tag-team diaper changing.
  • Tag-team feeding.
  • Ways to fall asleep after feeding babies in the night.
  • Ways to give quick baths after cleaning up spit up.
  • The joys of experiencing 5 kids.
  • Ways to trust and lean of God every moment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Micah's Blog

Hello. This is Micah. Look at all my comments I got, w-well or one. Thanks Aaron. I'm glad you like it.

The twins are looking good.

I'm getting pestered (not really) about writing stories. Next time I'll write. OK. Let's wait until people tell me if that's alright. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong pause.

-Micah out

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Are Home!!!

Our night nurse Ashley made these towel elephants after we joked with her about being on a cruise. She went online and learned to make these as we fed the babies. That's great customer service!!!

Mom & Dad getting ready to leave!

First car ride.

All our wonderful kids.

Our entire family is together at home finally!!!!

Peaceful sleeping babies! We like this.
Joel's and Leah's temperatures stayed in the right range and the doctor released us this morning. After going through all the final check-out procedure, we were able to come home. We arrived home to the joyful shouts of Elizabeth, Hannah, and Micah. Micah didn't really yell; it was more like "hi". But I'm sure inside he was very excited because he wanted to hold Joel as soon as possible.
We are rejoicing in the Lord and praising Him! It is good to feel the joy that comes after the sorrows and challenges. We praise God for the trials of this week as well.