Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rebecca "weighs" in

I guess it's my turn.

What an amazing miracle to think about two babies moving and growing inside my swelling abdomen at the same time. I still can't quite get a hold of life with newborn twins and 3 older kids. God must have an awesome plan and a great sense of humor.

Telling our friends and family about the twins was very fun! The reactions varied: shocked, horrified, excited, amazed. My favorite reactions? From my sister Marissa, "Congratulations, and I am so sorry." From my friend Kristin Hammett, "I've always wanted a friend with twins!"

I must confess, I fight anxiety about the birth of these two precious gifts. I'm praying they'll be healthy enough at birth to come home with us right away! That means they need to "cook" as long as possible- so then I wonder, how big can I actually get and still walk around?

Funny we're starting a blog now. I wonder if we'll even have time to keep it updated once Joel and Leah arrive????

Micah's Blog


I'm still shocked my mom is having twins. It's going to be fun having a little brother. (Right now I only have two sisters, Hannah age 6 and Elizabeth age 2.)

Since this is my first post i'd like to tell you about myself. I'm an 8 year old boy that loves God, my family,freinds,legos,and reading.I am homeschooled with Hannah.

-Micah out

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Ultrasound - 1

On September 29th 2008 we found out that we were having twins. Our world was rocked.

We went to our ultrasound appointment with Rebecca's mom and our 3 kids (Micah, Hannah, & Elizabeth).

As the technician started the ultrasound my heart was thumping. Was it a boy or girl? What would this little life become? As I looked at the screen, I thought to myself, "There sure is a lot of movement up there." Within a few minutes the technician said, "And we know there are two right?"

Surprise, fear, excitement, and anxiousness flooded my body.

Hannah screamed with joy.

What in the world? This was not on my life plan. What will life look like with twins? What will life look like with 5 kids? The unknown.

God sure has a fun way of helping us to depend on Him. I never imaged having twins.

Wow we are in for some fun.